Playhouse Steps

SKU: 4410

Colour: Top - Yellow (Vinyl)
colour: Sides - Dark Green (Vinyl)

Southpaw Playhouse Steps: Enhancing Mobility and Motor Skills

Introducing the Southpaw Playhouse Steps, a robust and versatile addition designed to complement the Southpaw Playhouse. These steps are essential for providing easy access to the top of the Playhouse and can be used in combination with the Southpaw Slide to create a dynamic play and therapeutic environment.

Combine the Playhouse Steps with the Playhouse to provide access to the top. With the addition of the Slide, users can travel up and over. Manufactured in durable foam and covered in Vinyl. The Steps and Slide come with Velcro to allow them to be attached and used independently of the Playhouse.

Durable and Safe Construction

Manufactured from high-quality, durable foam and covered in strong vinyl, the Southpaw Playhouse Steps ensure long-lasting use while maintaining a safe and comfortable surface for children. The sturdy construction supports active play and therapeutic activities.

Easy Attachment and Versatility

Equipped with secure hook-and-loop fasteners, the steps can be effortlessly attached to the Playhouse and the Slide, allowing for various configurations to suit different play and therapy needs. The flexibility of these components enhances the adaptability of your sensory room setup.

Enhances Motor Skills and Spatial Awareness

The Playhouse Steps are designed to promote motor planning, coordination, and proprioceptive input. Climbing up the steps helps children develop their gross motor skills and spatial awareness, crucial for their overall sensory integration and development.

Visually Stimulating and Therapeutic Design

Available in vibrant Yellow and Midnight Blue, the steps not only add a visually appealing element to your sensory room but also provide a calming and engaging environment for children. The colour choices are designed to enhance both aesthetic appeal and therapeutic benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Motor Skills Development: Encourages climbing, which enhances gross motor skills and coordination.
  • Sensory Processing: Provides proprioceptive input through climbing activities, aiding in sensory integration.
  • Spatial Awareness: Helps children understand spatial relationships and improve balance through structured movement.

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Additional Features

  • Dimensions: 76 x 74 x 91 cm
  • Working Load: 181 kg
  • Colour Options: Available in Blue & Yellow; other colours available upon request, including White, Cream, Light Orange, Red, Magenta, Lilac, Purple, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Light Green, Mid Green, Dark Green, Grey, and Black.

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