Are you looking to keep your sensory space at its best, while making sure you get maximum value from your spend for your organisation? 

If so, then the new Sensory Room Servicing Roadshow, coming to a location near you could be the answer! This geographically based scheme is a cost-effective initiative designed to ensure the longevity and safety of your sensory equipment while sharing some of the unavoidable costs with Schools, businesses and clinics in your area.

Why Choose Our Sensory Room Servicing Roadshow?

Comprehensive Servicing: Our team of expert engineers will meticulously service all your sensory room equipment, ensuring every piece is functioning optimally.
Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy significant savings on replacement items and any remedial work. High-quality service at a fraction of the cost!
Convenient Scheduling: We value your time. Our team will work around your schedule to minimise disruption, ensuring a smooth and efficient servicing process.
Safety and Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your sensory space is not just visually appealing, but also safe and fully functional for all its users.

How it works in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Contact for a Free Quotation: Reach out to us at
We can also create customised quotations for annual or bi-annual maintenance packages, which are tailored to your needs.
2. Scheduling Confirmation: We will pre book your slot into our schedule and then closer to the time, contact you to confirm the date and ensure it suits you.
3. Service Satisfaction: Once the service is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the work done, as well as highlighting any areas of concern or improvement.

Interested in this exclusive service at a discounted rate, starting at £295? Simply make a booking in the form above, alternatively contact us at quoting "Roadshow".

Remember, a well-maintained sensory room not only enhances user experience but also extends the life of your valuable equipment. Let Southpaw UK help you maintain the magic of your sensory space with ease and efficiency.

We look forward to partnering with you in nurturing an engaging, safe, and functional sensory environment.

Maintaining Your Sensory Space with Southpaw UK... At Southpaw UK, we are proud to deliver durable, high-quality sensory equipment designed to enrich experiences for years. Our commitment to longevity is reflected in our numerous sensory installations that continue to operate flawlessly, even after 15+ years. To ensure the enduring performance of these sensory environments, regular maintenance is key.

That's why Southpaw UK offers a comprehensive Maintenance Programme, meticulously crafted to support our customers' needs. This programme encompasses a thorough inspection and maintenance service, which includes the examination and servicing of lighting elements, electrical components, audiovisual systems, anchoring structures, mirrors, and soft play areas, along with thorough cleaning of bubble tubes.

Our skilled team of engineers, equipped with extensive experience, are adept at conducting most repairs directly on-site. In instances where on-site repair is not feasible, we provide a seamless service to transport the equipment to our workshop for repair. Post-maintenance, customers receive a detailed report outlining the inspections and any work performed. For effective service delivery, we request clear access to the sensory space, nearby parking (preferably near the main entrance), and availability of electricity and water sources.

Our service extends beyond just Multi Sensory, Soft Play, and Sensory Integration rooms; we also cater to equipment from other reputable brands like OM Interactive and Optikinetics, among others.