Playhouse for Sensory Rooms

SKU: 4400

Colour: Top - Yellow (Vinyl)
colour: Sides - Dark Green (Vinyl)

Southpaw Playhouse: Multifunctional Sensory Delight

Durable and Safe Construction : The Southpaw Playhouse is expertly crafted with walls of robust foam and a resilient birch plywood roof, all thoroughly encased in soft but durable foam. This ensures a safe and inviting environment, free from hard surfaces, making it ideal for energetic play and relaxation.

Versatile and Therapeutic Design : Designed with flexibility in mind, the Playhouse is not only a secluded getaway for quiet time but also transforms into an exciting ball pool. Simply flip the house upside down, add balls, and watch it become a vibrant area for tactile stimulation and motor skills development. This dual functionality supports various therapeutic goals, including sensory processing and integration, which are crucial for children with special needs.

Ease of Assembly and Configuration : The Playhouse can be assembled effortlessly, with configurable walls that allow for multiple setup options. This adaptability makes it suitable for various space requirements and therapy objectives, providing a tailored sensory experience for every user.

Enhanced Motor Planning : The steps and slide (sold seperately) attach with secure hook-and-loop fasteners, promoting continuous motor planning and proprioceptive input as children climb and explore, whether using the Playhouse or the ball pool configuration.

Aesthetic and Practical Features : Supplied in soothing Midnight Blue and vibrant Yellow as standard, the Playhouse invites children into a visually appealing space that stimulates calmness and creativity. Weighing 35kg, it maintains stability and durability under active use.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Sensory Processing: Offers both proprioceptive feedback and tactile stimulation, enhancing sensory integration skills.
  • Motor Skills Development: Encourages gross motor development and coordination through climbing and ball play.
  • Cognitive and Social Skills: Provides a private space for individual play or a communal area for social interaction, supporting both independent and social learning.

Explore our online shop for additional sensory integration equipment and innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Our commitment to high-quality, research-based, therapist-approved sensory products ensures that every piece contributes to meaningful sensory experiences.

One wall has a removable doorway where your clients can enter the house for some quiet time. The playhouse is easy to assemble and walls can be configured in many ways.

The steps and slide also fit together with hook-and-loop fasteners for continued motor planning while using the playhouse as a ball pool. 

Weight: 35kg


Combine Playhouse Steps with the Playhouse to provide access to the top. With the addition of the Slide, users can travel up and over. Manufactured in durable foam and covered in Vinyl.
The Steps and Slide come with Velcro to allow them to be attached and used independently of the Playhouse.


Combine the Playhouse Slide with the Playhouse to provide access to the top. With the addition of the Steps, users can travel up and over. The Steps and Slide come with Velcro to allow them to be attached and used independently of the Playhouse.

Manufactured in durable foam and covered in strong Vinyl.

Dimensions :
Playhouse 140 x 140 x 100cm
Steps - 76 x 74 x 100cm (now 4 steps not 3)
Slide - 170 x 74 x 100cm
Working Load: 181kg

PLEASE NOTE: Items are made to order and subject to longer lead times. 
Sold in Blue & Yellow, please get in touch if other colours are required.

Possible colours options available:
White, Cream, Yellow, Light Orange, Orange, Red, Magenta/Cerise, Lilac, Purple/Violet, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Light Ice Blue, Turquoise/Marine, Light Green, Mid Green, Dark Green, Grey, Black

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