Peanut Roll

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This is a great alternative to the round therapy ball that children may find too challenging. The Peanut can only roll in one direction, either front to back or side to side. Designed so therapist and client can sit on the Peanut together. Can be used in activities involving flexion, extension and postural adjustment.

The Southpaw Peanut Roll is a therapeutic tool that has several benefits for clients who require therapy. Some of the therapeutic benefits of using the Peanut Roll are:

Provides proprioceptive input: The Peanut Roll provides proprioceptive input, which can help clients with sensory processing disorders regulate their body's response to stimuli.

Enhances core strength: The Peanut Roll can be used to engage the core muscles, which can help improve posture and stability.

Improves balance and coordination: The Peanut Roll can be used to work on balance and coordination, which can be beneficial for clients with developmental coordination disorder or other motor-related challenges.

Promotes bilateral coordination: The Peanut Roll requires the use of both sides of the body to maintain balance and stability, which can promote bilateral coordination.

Increases body awareness: The Peanut Roll can help clients become more aware of their body and its movements, which can be beneficial for those with body dysmorphia or other body image challenges.

The Peanut Roll can be used in various activities that involve flexion, extension, and postural adjustment, such as:

  • Sitting on the Peanut Roll and bouncing up and down to improve postural control and stability.
  • Lying on the Peanut Roll on your back and rolling forward and backward to work on flexion and extension.
  • Using the Peanut Roll as a seat and rolling side to side to work on lateral stability.
  • Placing the Peanut Roll between your knees and squeezing to work on adduction.
  • Balancing on the Peanut Roll while performing exercises such as squats or lunges to improve balance and coordination.

40cm = 1kg
55cm = 2.5kg
70cm = 3kg
85cm = 5kg

We also have exercise balls available.

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