Exercise Balls

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These balls appeal to all ages, and are strong enough to support children or adults. Designed especially for therapeutic exercise, these bright, durable Exercise Balls can be used with clients in almost every developmental position for an endless variety of activities including flexion, extension, equilibrium reactions and postural adjustments.

The Southpaw exercise ball, also known as a therapy ball or a stability ball, can offer several benefits for sensory integration. Here are some of them:

Engages the vestibular system: Sitting or bouncing on an exercise ball can provide gentle movement that can stimulate the vestibular system, which is responsible for processing movement and balance information.

Improves postural control: Sitting or lying on an exercise ball requires the engagement of core muscles, which can help improve postural control and stability.

Improves balance and coordination: The use of an exercise ball can challenge balance, stability and coordination skills, helping to improve proprioceptive awareness and balance skills over time.

Provides proprioceptive input: Sitting or bouncing on an exercise ball provides proprioceptive input, which is the sensory information we receive from our muscles and joints about our body's position and movements.

Promotes focus and attention: Using an exercise ball can provide a "fidget" outlet, allowing individuals to move and adjust their body position while still remaining focused on a task.

Offers a fun and engaging therapy tool: Using an exercise ball can be a fun and engaging way to promote sensory integration, providing a novel and motivating tool for therapy sessions.

Increases body awareness: The use of an exercise ball requires you to be more conscious of your body position and movements, which can help improve body awareness and sensory integration.

Offers tactile stimulation: The textured surface of an exercise ball can provide tactile stimulation, which can help improve sensory processing and integration.

Encourages motor skills: Using an exercise ball can be a fun and engaging way to encourage gross motor skills development, such as rolling, bouncing, and throwing.

The Southpaw exercise ball can be a valuable addition to sensory integration therapy, providing a range of benefits for individuals with special needs. As with any therapy tool, we advise to work with a qualified therapist to ensure safe and effective use.

Sold in singles.

45cm = 0.7kg
55cm = 1.2kg
65cm = 1.4kg
75cm = 1.6kg
85cm = 1.8kg

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