ZUMA® Rocker Chair Spares

SKU: 2013072


Zuma Rocker Nylon Glides

They allow you to keep on rockin'!

These are the curved coloured structures at the bottom of the chair, which allows for fluid rocking without tipping back too far.
Sold separately, so for one chair you would need to order 2.
They come with a screw to attach it to the chair.

The ZUMA® Rocker offers the movement students need to stay alert and pay attention, in a safe and non-disruptive way. In two sizes, this chair is great for circle time, reading, for working on a handheld or laptop device and for collaborative learning discussions. While all students can benefit from the calming and organising motion of the ZUMA® Rocker, children who have specific sensory needs may show an especially positive response.

Dynamic Seating can enhance a child's focus, as the body and mind thrive on movement. The ZUMA® rocker offers movement experiences that allow the student to receive the necessary stimulation to stay attentive, without disrupting the classroom setting.

Available in two sizes; the small chair is 38cm and the large is 45cm,(measurement from seat height to the floor). As a quick guideline on sizing the class the small chair as primary size and the large as adolescent/adult.

The ZUMA® Rockers do not come with a specified working load. All chairs are designed and manufactured to meet ANSI/BIFMA standards where applicable. 

Small Chair Dimensions:
Back to front - 34cm
Seat Width - 38cm
Seat Height - 38cm

Large Chair Dimensions:
Back to front - 42cm
Seat Width - 45cm
Seat Height - 45cm

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