Wizard Orb Ball

SKU: 902374


Introducing the captivating Wizard Orb Ball by Southpaw, where the magical enchantment of a wizard like Harry Potter meets a world of sensory marvel. Within this mystical sphere resides a captivating light diffraction ribbon that gracefully dances, weaving a spellbinding tapestry of light and wonder.

A mere bounce is all it takes to ignite the built-in LED light, conjuring a mesmerising spectacle of vibrant hues that elevate the visual enchantment to unparalleled heights. It's not merely a ball; it's a visual masterpiece that metamorphoses any environment into a realm of enchanting fascination.

Crafted with a perfect 60mm diameter, the Wizard Orb Ball fits snugly in your hand, poised to unleash its enchanting powers at your command. Whether you seek sensory delight, a touch of wizardry, or simply yearn for a captivating visual experience, this magical sphere is your gateway to an extraordinary journey of the senses.

Dimensions: 60mm diameter

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