Vinyl Wrap for Ropes

SKU: PPE1000-04


These new vinyl wraps are to be used on those swings that do not have the vinyl tubing already in place. By wrapping this vinyl strips around the exposed ropes of your swing it will allow the swing to be more easily cleaned.
The wraps are secured using velcro and can be wiped down using a disinfectant between clients. The wraps are available in various sizes, please select your size according to how much of the ropes you wish to cover.

Using vinyl wrap on the ropes of a swing can provide a range of benefits, including:

Improved Grip : Vinyl wrap can provide a non-slip surface that improves grip, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with weak hand strength or grip issues.

Increased Durability : Vinyl wrap can protect the ropes of a swing from wear and tear, which can extend the lifespan of the swing and reduce the need for maintenance or replacement.

Enhanced Safety : Vinyl wrap can prevent the ropes from fraying or becoming damaged, which can reduce the risk of injury or accidents while using the swing.

Easy to Clean : Vinyl wrap is easy to clean and maintain, which can help keep the swing looking and functioning well over time.

Comfort : Vinyl wrap can provide a cushioned surface that makes the swing more comfortable to use, particularly for individuals who may be sensitive to pressure or friction.

Using vinyl wrap on the ropes of a swing can improve safety, durability, and comfort, while also providing a non-slip surface that improves grip and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.

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