Vibro-Acoustic Rocker

SKU: 303200


The soft, contoured rocking chair holds the user in a very comfortable position while offering vibratory input. It is covered in a soft, antibacterial, commercial grade fabric which gives a balance between hard wearing and user comfort.

Southpaw Vibro-Acoustic products are a vital component in every MSE Room. For home and institutional use. We have stereo amplifiers that connect by Bluetooth to your Vibro-Acoustic Rocker (item SKU's 901301 & 902269). 

When paired with these items, you have full control over the audio/vibratory input, as the stream is split. This means your client can have high levels of vibro at a lower audio volume (and vice versa). The Vibro-Acoustic Rocker comes with a coaxial audio cable and high powered bass shaker as standard.

Please note, while this item may be compatible with a 3rd party stereo system, please check the manufacturer specifications to see if this item is compatible.

As standard, our Vibro Rockers normally come in either Small with Yellow vinyl, Medium with Light Blue vinyl, and Large with White vinyl, but due to temporary supply issues the vinyl colours may vary. The possible colour options can be found in the drop-down menu.


145 L x 80 W x 105cm H (Large);

128 L x 60 W x 73cm H (Medium);

105 L x 55 W x 62cm H (Small)

Colour options:
Ice, Grey, Oatmeal, Lettuce, Pacific Blue, Daffodil, Tangerine or Pink

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