Vertical Stimulation Device Kit

SKU: 1935

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The VSD provides excellent vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation because it allows controlled bouncing and vertical movement. It comes complete with two locking safety snaps and four industrial quality elastic loops — two single loops, each with a working load of 15kg, and two double loops, which have a working load of 30kg per double loop. This setup provides a working load range of 15–80kg You can add additional double loops in place of the single loops to increase your VSD’s capacity to 110kg.

PLEASE NOTE: The life span of the loops will depend upon the intensity, frequency and duration of use. While they may last a very long time, the typically demanding use of this particular product necessitates a higher rate of replacement. Therefore, Southpaw can only warranty the loops for 6 months.
Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 50cm H
Working Load: 15kg (Single Loop) 30kg (Double Loop)
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