The Modified Platform Swing

SKU: 1805

Eligible for VAT relief

All of our platform swings offer therapists the ability to create a wide range of tilting movements with the control lines attached to the top disc. The Modified Platform Swing is just as good as our original Platform Swing, but the top disc has been enlarged so there's more room inside the ropes for a larger teen or adult.
Weight: 10kg
Dimensions: 78 L x 78 W x 150cm H
Working load:135kg

If you are looking to have a Southpaw swing installed on a ceiling by anyone other than Southpaw UK engineers - then the installation of forged ceiling eyebolts is your responsibility, and must be to the proper specifications. We always recommend that you have the ceiling tested by a structural engineer to ensure that your ceiling can carry the appropriate working loads. Please read our Safety and Working Loads pages thoroughly. Other elements of safety include the layout of the clinic or therapy space, the implementation of a systematic equipment inspection program, proper matting, and personal protection.

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