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NEW Tactile Panels - Hills/City/Sea

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Southpaw UK is proud to introduce our latest innovation in sensory equipment:

3 x NEW Tactile Panels : "Rolling Hills", "City Lights", and "Seaside".

These panels are meticulously designed to enhance tactile exploration and sensory processing, making them perfect additions to any sensory room, educational setting, or therapeutic environment. Made to order.

Rolling Hills :

  • This panel captures the essence of the serene countryside with its textured green hills and soothing features. Designed to promote relaxation and tactile discrimination, the Rolling Hills panel includes elements like soft grass textures, smooth river stones, and gentle undulating surfaces that mimic the calming nature of rolling hills.

  • Therapeutic Benefits:

    • Enhances tactile awareness and discrimination
    • Encourages calmness and relaxation through sensory exploration
    • Supports fine motor skill development through varied textures

City Lights :

  • Illuminate the sensory experience with the vibrant and dynamic City Lights panel. Featuring an array of textures and interactive elements, including light-up buildings, tactile switches for on/off and colour change functions, and an IR sensor for remote interactions. This panel brings the bustling energy of city life into the sensory room, offering a multisensory experience that stimulates both the tactile and visual senses.

  • Therapeutic Benefits:

    • Stimulates visual and tactile senses simultaneously
    • Promotes cognitive development through cause-and-effect play
    • Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Seaside :

  • Dive into a sensory exploration with the Seaside panel, where the ocean meets the shore. This panel combines the calming sounds of the ocean with the tactile sensation of sand and water-themed elements. It's designed to evoke the therapeutic aspects of the beach, providing a tranquil sensory experience that encourages relaxation and sensory processing.

  • Therapeutic Benefits:

    • Supports auditory and tactile sensory integration
    • Encourages imaginative play and relaxation
    • Aids in stress reduction and promotes a calming environment

Innovative Sensory Panels for Integration & Learning, at a versatile and aesthetic size of 750mm wide x 750mm high x 120mm deep. Designed for sensory rooms and classrooms, these panels offer engaging tactile and visual experiences to support sensory integration and learning.

Southpaw remains committed to creating environments that empower individuals to explore, control, and enjoy their sensory experiences. Our tactile panels are just one of the many ways we aim to support sensory integration and provide innovative solutions for individuals with special needs. We encourage exploring our website for a wider range of sensory products, special needs equipment, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be slight variations in the items on each panel from time to time. However each panel will have at least the same number of products as shown in the pictures.

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