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Step-A-Forest Set

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Introducing the Step-A-Forest set, a pioneering product designed to transform the way children engage with sensory integration and physical play. For both therapeutic and developmental needs, this set is a quintessential tool for occupational therapists, educators, and sensory integration specialists seeking to enrich the sensory environments of schools, clinics, and hospitals.

Key Features:

  • Tree-Themed Balance Bases: Inspired by the natural world, these bases enhance the sensory play experience, making it engaging and therapeutic.
  • Non-Slip Durable Plastic: Guarantees safety and longevity, ensuring that the set can withstand vigorous daily use in various therapeutic and educational settings.
  • 30 Piece Set: Offers a comprehensive range of components for varied and extensive play scenarios.
    6 Step-a-Leaves,
    6 Step-a-Stumps,
    10 Step-a-Trails (including 2 Y-Shaped Logs and 8 Logs),
    accompanied by a convenient storage bag.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Balance and Coordination: Enhances core stability, coordination, and balance through playful yet challenging activities.
  • Sensory Integration: Supports the development of proprioceptive and vestibular senses, crucial for sensory processing and integration.
  • Motor Skills Development: Encourages gross motor skill development as children navigate, step, and balance across the different elements.
  • Cognitive and Social Skills: Promotes problem-solving, planning, and collaborative play, essential for cognitive development and social interaction.
  • Emotional Regulation: Provides a calming and focused activity that can help regulate emotions and energy levels, particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing challenges.

Applications in Various Settings:

  • Schools: A versatile addition to PE lessons, playtime, or sensory rooms, supporting a wide range of educational and developmental objectives.
  • Clinics and Hospitals: An invaluable tool for occupational therapists to use in targeted sensory integration therapy sessions, facilitating specific therapeutic outcomes.
  • Special Needs Education: Tailored to support children with additional needs, offering a safe and stimulating way to explore sensory and motor skills.

Southpaw UK is committed to empowering individuals through innovative and therapeutic sensory solutions. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the therapeutic efficacy of our products sets us apart in the creation of Multi-Sensory Environments and Sensory Integration products. 

Explore our extensive range of sensory products and special needs equipment, designed to meet the highest standards of therapeutic efficacy and user-friendliness.

We believe the Step-A-Forest set provides a solid foundation for enriching sensory integration practices, offering a blend of fun, therapy, and learning.

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