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Taken from the original "Mangle" concept developed by Jean Ayres, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, the Southpaw Steamroller® Deluxe is a key tool for use within Sensory Integration Therapy.

It is clear that some clients crave deep pressure, and the Southpaw Steamroller is a fun way to get it! Deep pressure therapy is often used as a treatment for sensory processing disorders such as autism and ADHD. The therapy helps individuals with these disorders to better regulate their sensory input, reducing feelings of being overwhelmed and improving their ability to focus.

There are so many different ways you can use the Steamroller®

  • They can love the challenge of crawling between the rollers and being "flattened"
  • They can "hang out" in the Steamroller ® to complete an activity while prone, or use in preparation for those tasks that require more attention.
  • It allows children to work on motor planning skills, body awareness and shoulder stability as they work their bodies out of the device
  • You can lay the rollers flat and use it a rolling crawl through/over

It is important to note that whenever introducing a new activity to a user, it is advised that the resistance bands are disconnected so allow the user to get used to the movement and motor planning needed. The pressure then can be adjusted to give more of a challenge. As an alternative to pushing your head through, a therapist or helper can manually lift the upper rollers by grabbing the arms of the rollers on one side and lifting. Lift just enough for the client to get their head past the rollers, then gently lower the roller onto the client.

This method will preclude a child from self-administering deep pressure (one of the goals of this product) but can be a way to get a child into the steamroller until they are comfortable with it.

The amount of downward pressure from the top rollers is adjustable. Minimum pressure is achieved by hooking the bottom loop of the spring in the top hook of the bracket on each side. To increase the amount of pressure, move the spring loop downward and hook it on a lower hook. There are two spring loops per roller, one on each side. Both spring loops must be hooked on the same hook on each side to exert equal pressure on both sides.

The Steamroller can accommodate a small child up to an average-sized adult. The pressure may be increased or decreased by adjusting the tension bands. Comes with (2) sets of additional bands so you can increase the pressure. Colours may vary.

Weight: 20kg

Dimension: 85 x 75 x 40cm H; Roller: 20cm dia x 55cm W

Working load:135kg

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