Bilateral Bolster Swing

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The Southpaw Bilateral Bolster Swing is a fantastic piece of therapy equipment which can enhance your client's bilateral integration (the ability to co-ordinate both sides of the body together) while also giving postural and balance benefits.

This swing provides similar advantages as our Bolster Swing, but we have included two ropes that allow clients to hold on with both hands. This can allow the user to more easily find their balance and feel more stable than the single rope version.

The Bilateral Bolster comes in two sizes, Standard and Pony, and the ropes have a protective vinyl covering to assist with infection control and cleaning while also making it more pleasant to hold.

Dimensions: (Pony) 20cm dia x 90 L x 175 H, (Standard) 20cm dia x 120 L x 175cm H

Weight: (Standard) 11kg; (Pony) 9.7kg

Working load: 160kg (Standard or Pony)

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