Southpaw Platform Swing

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A Versatile Platform Swing for any Sensory Room

The Platform Swing by Southpaw is a must-have swing for any therapy room, school or play area. This versatile swing offers a wide range of benefits for kids and adults with sensory processing disorders, including those with autism and ADHD.

This sensory Platform Swing is designed to provide kids a safe and comfortable sensory experience that promotes balance, coordination, and sensory integration. It is both sturdy and portable, making it perfect for indoor use.

The Platform Swing is an essential tool for occupational therapists, as it can be used in a variety of positions, from prone to standing. With control lines attached to the top disc, therapists can create a wide range of tilting movements that provide a sensory-rich experience for the user. The gentle swaying motion of the swing promotes relaxation and can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

This sensory swing is also carpeted for added comfort and safety while swinging. The soft, plush fabric provides the user with a tactile sensory experience that is both calming and soothing. The carpeted swinging platform also ensures that the user does not slip or slide while using the swing, providing the child with a secure and stable swinging base for sensory integration therapy.

At Southpaw, we are committed to providing high-quality indoor sensory integration products that are suitable for all users. That's why our Sensory Platform Swing has a working load of 135kg, making it suitable for indoor use with clients of all sizes.

The Sensory Platform Swing offers the child a range of physical and sensory benefits that make it an essential tool in sensory integration therapy, particularly as a vestibular activity. Here are some of the swing's key benefits:

  • Promotes balance and coordination: Using the Sensory Platform Swing requires the user to shift their weight and adjust their balance, which helps to develop core strength and coordination.

  • Improves posture: The gentle swaying motion of this sensory swing helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back and neck, promoting better posture.

  • Develops motor skills: The Sensory Platform Swing provides a safe and controlled environment where users can practice and develop their gross motor skills.

  • Stimulates the vestibular system: The vestibular system plays a key role in sensory processing, and the gentle spinning motion of this sensory swing helps to stimulate this system, improving overall sensory integration.

  • Provides proprioceptive input: The sensation of the swing's movement against the body provides deep pressure input to the joints and muscles, helping to improve proprioception and body awareness.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress: The gentle swaying motion of the Sensory Platform Swing can have a calming effect on the user, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, ideal for individuals with sensory processing disorders.

The Sensory Platform Swing offers the user a range of physical and sensory benefits that promote balance, coordination, and sensory integration. As a vestibular activity, swinging on this sensory swing helps to stimulate the vestibular system, providing valuable sensory input that can improve overall sensory functioning and wellbeing.

This sensory swing is a great addition to any room, school or play area. It is sold with everything needed for installation. It is also a popular item sold in the sale category, so order yours today before they sell out.

The Sensory Platform Swing is just one of the sensory toys among the many sensory toys and sensory equipment categories available from Southpaw. Our sensory products and toys are designed to help individuals with sensory processing disorders, autism, and other special needs to develop their skills and abilities in a safe and supportive play environment.

So if you're looking for a versatile and effective Sensory Integration product for kids that promotes sensory integration, look no further than Southpaw's Sensory Platform Swing. Experience the full sensory benefits of gentle swinging for your kids today.

Eyebolt installation required, see our Safety page. Custom Support Structures are an option for spaces without eyebolt.

Please note: All swings must be used with
Southpaw's Safety Rotational Device & Safety Snap

Please note: The adjacent image shows the correct setup when all 4 control lines are used/connected. When using the Platform Swing in its stable position, the top works must be set up like this, or is will cause increased wear to the ropes and damage to the 90mm carabiners. If the platform swing top works are set up incorrectly and damage occurs, this unfortunately will not be covered under our warranty.

Optional extra:
Southpaw's Infant Adaptation Kit is a great addition to the Platform Swing for smaller clients. This kit provides a padded pool for infants and small clients with gravitational insecurity and decreased trunk control. This high-density foam pool with soft insides provides proper rigidity and maximum protection. Works only with Southpaw's Platform Swing (Sold separately), and easily attaches using (4) included hook-and-loop flaps. Weight: 4kg

Also, an additional option is to replace the carpet with vinyl pads on your swings to make them easier to disinfect and clean between clients. These vinyl pads attach to the swings with Velcro® and can be removed and replaced for cleaning very quickly.

If you are looking to have a Southpaw swing installed on a ceiling by anyone other than Southpaw UK engineers - then the installation of forged ceiling eyebolts is your responsibility, and must be to the proper specifications. We always recommend that you have the ceiling tested by a structural engineer to ensure that your ceiling can carry the appropriate working loads. Please read our Safety and Working Loads pages thoroughly. Other elements of safety include the layout of the clinic or therapy space, the implementation of a systematic equipment inspection program, proper matting, and personal protection.

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