Solar Effect Wheels

SKU: 203427


Introducing Southpaw's Solar Wheels: Unlock Creative Exploration.

Experience boundless creativity with our Imagery Wheels. Encourage your clients to unleash their imagination, invent games, weave captivating stories, and engage on multiple levels.

To fully enjoy these innovative products, pair them with our Solar Wheel Rotator.

They seamlessly integrate with the Solar 100 LED, Solar LED, and Aura Projectors. Plus, it's compatible with both the 6" rotator and the dual-wheel rotator.

It perfectly compliments the Solar 100 LED and Solar LED projectors, utilising either a 6" rotator or the Dual Wheel Rotators. It also seamlessly integrates with the Aura Projector, thanks to its built-in Magnetic Rotator, available separately for purchase on our website.

The 1/2RPM wheel rotator is also available for these effect wheels.

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