Resistance Tunnels

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Challenge your clients with heavy work while developing body awareness and motor planning using Southpaw's Resistance Tunnel. As your client pushes a therapy ball or other large objects through the tunnel, he/she will experience varying degrees of resistance as well as tactile and deep touch input.

The sections are made from a ribbed knit cotton, lycra spandex and nylon jersey. Three convenient reinforced handles are attached for you to hold and pull while your client pushes through the tunnel.

Also available, the much loved resistance tunnel with a 45cm Therapy Ball. Have clients push a ball through it to increase proprioceptive input and motor planning skills, this makes the perfect therapeutic activity!

Colours may vary

Weight: 1kg Dimensions: 3m

Weight: 0.8kg Dimensions: 4.5m

Resistance Tunnel with Therapy Ball:
Weight: 6kg Dimensions: 50cm dia. x 4.5m

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