Relaxation Ball Bubble Tube

SKU: 901208

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The addition of balls into the tube offers your clients additional sensory input and the opportunity to improve tracking skills and visual perception. Six colourful ping pong balls are pushed up an inner tube by rising air bubbles, then fall into the larger tube where they drift to the bottom and resume their journey.

The Ball Bubble Tube can be purchased in its standard base just like the Bubble and Popcorn Tubes, or if you prefer it can be purchased with the Platform (#303104), creating a seating area around the tube.

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 22cm (Timber Base)

Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 45cm (Platform With Pad)

Colour options for Platform include:
White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Brown,Lilac, Light Blue, Medium Green, Grey, Red, Pink, Medium Blue, Light Green, Fawn, Purple, Ice Blue, Dark Green, and Black.

Also available:
Also available are our Interactive Bubble Tubes.
Southpaw's high-powered Bubble Tube Pump (901145) allows you to fill and drain your bubble tube from the top at a fraction of the speed, instead of using the drain hose supplied at the base.

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