Ramp & Advantage Line Scooter Board

SKU: 450050

Eligible for VAT relief

It's easy to assemble, lightweight and easy to store! Ramp design includes a safety lock end that secures the ramp to the base. The base goes together with only eight screws. Disassembles easily.

A special feature of Southpaw's ramp is the small lip that allows a smooth transition from ramp to floor, and the wide platform that enables a child to turn a scooter board completely around without getting off the board.

The Scooter Board Ramp and Advantage Line Scooter Board can be purchased together. Buying the two together has cost saving benefits.

Weight: 22.5kg Dimensions:

(Base) 65 L x 60 W x 35cm H;

(Ramp) 145 L x 60cm W

Working load: 115kg



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