Optikinetics Cassette Rotator

SKU: 203407


Optikinetics presents the Cassette Rotator by Opti, a tool that unleashes captivating visual spectacles through the graceful revolution of interchangeable image discs, aptly named "cassettes."

Effortless in operation, the Cassette Rotator offers a multitude of control possibilities. You can effortlessly toggle between manual and automatic rotation speeds and alter the direction to suit your creative desires.

The OPTI 50mm Variable Speed Active Gate Cassette Rotator now boasts an innovative Active Gate feature, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. This enhancement aligns seamlessly with the latest OPTI Solar LED Projectors, simply slotting into place without the fuss of extra connections.

Compatible with any new Solar LED projector, this rotator can twirl standard moire or custom 50mm Effect Cassettes. Rotates any standard or custom 50mm Effect Cassette at approximately 2 rpm. 50mm Cassettes are gear driven and 'click fit' onto the Rotator.

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