OmiVista Budii - Omi Interactive Projector

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omiVista Budii Interactive Projection: Enhance Sensory Integration and Therapeutic Engagement

Step into a world of enchanting sensory exploration with the omiVista Budii Interactive Projection, a cutting-edge product by Southpaw UK. Crafted with utmost care for children with special educational needs and disabilities, this interactive tool opens doors to engaging and meaningful activities that foster independence, communication, and motor skills development. Dive into the realm of sensory wonder and learning through play, as Budii empowers children with a range of benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved cognitive and physical stimulation, and a calming effect.

Key Features and Benefits:

Interactive Sensory Exploration: The omiVista Budii projection technology transforms any table or floor surface into a mesmerising play area, enticing children to actively participate and immerse themselves in captivating experiences. With projection walls and sensory projectors, the possibilities for creating immersive and engaging sensory environments are limitless.

Therapeutic Support: Budii Interactive Projection is thoughtfully designed to support physiotherapy and occupational therapy in a fun and engaging way. It promotes sensory integration, fine motor skill development, and cognitive engagement, making it an ideal tool for use in schools, clinics, and multi-sensory rooms.

Wide Range of Activities: Developed in collaboration with experts in the SEND field, Budii offers a comprehensive collection of activities covering various subjects and catering to different needs. From tranquil water scenes and nature exploration to quizzes, ball games, and interactive floor projection games, children can explore, learn, and have fun.

Personalisation and Independence: Budii's intuitive system allows children to use it independently, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-expression. Additionally, the interactive projection system enables social play with friends of all abilities, promoting inclusive interactions and cooperative play.

Activities Include:

  • Tranquil water scenes, nature exploration, animals, popular objects, and forms of transport for sensory immersion.
  • Activities for basic numeracy, shapes, and colours to support early learning.
  • Autism Suite activities that promote social interaction, flexible thinking, personal organisation, emotional understanding, and sensory calming.
  • Popular ball games and catch games, both with and without scoring, to enhance coordination and motor skills.

omiVista Budii is supplied with a Wall Mount Bracket.

Unleash the magic of omiVista Budii Interactive Projection, where exploration meets enchantment, and sensory integration thrives. Experience the joy of learning through fun, as we continue to nurture growth and development for individuals with special needs. Embark on an enriching sensory journey with Southpaw UK and embrace the endless possibilities of omiVista Budii.

Discover More at Southpaw UK: Explore our website for an extensive range of sensory products, special needs equipment, and sensory therapeutic resources. Dive into multi-sensory room ideas, school sensory room concepts, and an array of sensory toys, including UK sensory toys. At Southpaw, we are committed to designing innovative solutions that inspire and empower individuals with special needs. Join us in the quest of sensory exploration and integration.

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