Omi Vinyl Flooring 2 x 1.5m

SKU: 901344

Eligible for VAT relief

Omi Flooring for a hard wearing and bright and clear image for a variety of projectors, including our Omi Interactive Floor Projector.

Omi takes a meticulous approach in selecting raw materials for it's flooring, prioritising the utmost quality for our flooring products while ensuring their safety for all individuals.

Our stringent and comprehensive management practices are geared towards maintaining the highest product standards. Within their cutting-edge testing centre every aspect of the quality assessment process, from the introduction of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, is carried out using advanced testing and inspection equipment. Each individual step and batch undergoes rigorous scrutiny to guarantee excellence.

Moreover, to emphasize the safety aspect, Omi collaborates with third-party testing agencies to conduct thorough assessments on our finished products. This collaborative effort reinforces our commitment to delivering flooring solutions that not only excel in quality but also provide a secure environment for all users.

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