Not-So-Infant Swing

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The front of the Not-So-Infant Swing can be quickly unbuckled, the child can sit back into the swing, and the therapist or parent can re-fasten the front. The Not-So-Infant Swing can also be used with the Southpaw Vertical Stimulation Device to make it a bouncing swing. Seat is machine washable.

Weight: 1.5kg

Dimensions:30 L x 30cm W (seat opening)

Working load:75kg

Optional extra:
The Vertical Stimulation Kit
The VSD provides excellent vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation because it allows controlled bouncing and vertical movement. It comes complete with two locking safety snaps and four industrial quality elastic loops — two single loops, each with a working load of 15kg, and two double loops, which have a working load of 30kg per double loop. This setup provides a working load range of 15–80kg You can add additional double loops in place of the single loops to increase your VSD’s capacity to 110kg. PLEASE NOTE: The life span of the VSD loops will depend upon the intensity, frequency and duration of use. While they may last a very long time, the typically demanding use of this particular product necessitates a higher rate of replacement. Therefore, Southpaw can only warranty the loops for 6 months.
Weight: 1kg Dimensions: 50cm H. Working Load: 15kg (Single Loop) 30kg (Double Loop)

If you are looking to have a Southpaw swing installed on a ceiling by anyone other than Southpaw UK engineers - then the installation of forged ceiling eyebolts is your responsibility, and must be to the proper specifications. We always recommend that you have the ceiling tested by a structural engineer to ensure that your ceiling can carry the appropriate working loads. Please read our Safety and Working Loads pages thoroughly. Other elements of safety include the layout of the clinic or therapy space, the implementation of a systematic equipment inspection program, proper matting, and personal protection.

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