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Southpaw Sensory Wall Panel - Touch Sound Light

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of sensory exploration with our Touch Sound Light Sensory Wall Panel. Crafted from exquisite natural wood, this interactive sensory board is thoughtfully designed to offer an array of sensory experiences, combining the brilliance of light panels and tactile elements. This exceptional panel boasts unparalleled responsiveness to even the most delicate touch, assuring top-notch quality.

A true marvel of functionality, our sensory wall panel surpasses the competition by encapsulating the features of three or four ordinary panels. With a diverse range of games and interactive activities, it encourages both individual and cooperative play, catering to individuals of all abilities – from the most dependent children to the most spirited adults. It serves as a perfect addition to indoor sensory wall installations and, with suitable protection, can even be incorporated into certain outdoor sensory walls.

Watch in awe as the vibrant coloured panels come to life, producing delightful notes and sounds with every gentle tap, challenging your dexterity and memory. The adjustable times for game completion and varying difficulty levels ensure an engaging and personalised experience. This sensory light wall and activity panel make it an ideal choice for creating autism sensory wall installations.


  • 8 interactive games with multiple variations to keep you engaged
  • 16 instrument and sound options for a diverse auditory experience
  • Stunning colour and rainbow effects that captivate the senses
  • Adjustable completion times and difficulty levels for customised challenges
  • Responsiveness to gentle fingertip touches or even vigorous tapping
  • Customisable background light level for the perfect ambiance
  • Expertly designed in the UK by Southpaw

Size: 120cm high x 80cm wide x 8cm deep

Unleash the wonders of sensory exploration with our Southpaw Touch Sound Light Sensory Wall Panel and create an enthralling environment for all to enjoy.

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