Itinerant Platform Swing

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Itinerant Platform Swing
The traveling therapist now has more options with Southpaw's Itinerant Platform Swing! Designed to fit the Itinerant Support Frame, this lightweight swing weighs only 5kg and is 75cm in diameter and comes with its own carrying case. It also includes removable spreader bars to help provide more room inside the ropes for larger clients.
The platform swing is a useful tool for every therapist. It offers a variety of uses for vestibular input, postural control and balance.
Weight: 5kg Dimensions: 75cm Dia x 2m H Working load:135kg

Adaptation Kit:
This kit is a must-have add-on to the Itinerant Platform Swing if you are working with very young children or those with low trunk control. It allows you to create a smaller, more secure space to complete activities or provide vestibular input, and it also enables you to keep your hands free to allow for increased interaction. This kit is designed to be used with the Itinerant Platform Swing (#7260) only and easily attaches using the 4 included hook-and-loop straps.

Support Frame:
Using the lightest, strongest and most cost-effective material available, our Itinerant (ITN) Support Frame will fit in almost any area, giving on-the-go therapists the first real portable suspension system on the market.
Weighing only 12 kg, and less than 1.8m in length when collapsed, the ITN Support Frame can easily be carried in most cars. The ITN Support Frame requires only 4 square meters of floor space, and adjusts up to a 2.6 m working height.
It comes complete with a built-in safety rotational device and a sturdy carrying case. A perfect complement for the ITN Therapist Kit. Vinyl-covered cables attach the legs to one another for extra stability. Swing sold separately.
Swings that will work with the ITN Frame: Therapy Net, Cocoon Swings,  Advantage Line Moon Swing, Trapeze Bar, Wee Trapeze Bar, Twirler, Disc Swing, Flexion Disc, Dual Swing, Infant Swing, Cuddle Swing, Itinerant Platform Swing.
PLEASE NOTE: The frame is intended as a temporary alternative for passive therapies where a permanent eyebolt installation is not possible. When treating clients who require more intensive movements on a daily basis, a more supportive unit should be used.
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 2.2 m-2.6 m H; 2.2 m x 2.2 m Base; 1.8 m Travelling Length
Working load: 135 kg

Replacement Pads
Replace the carpet with vinyl pads on your swings to make them easier to disinfect and clean between clients. These vinyl pads attach to the swings with Velcro® and can be removed and replaced for cleaning very quickly.

If you are looking to have a Southpaw swing installed on a ceiling by anyone other than Southpaw UK engineers - then the installation of forged ceiling eyebolts is your responsibility, and must be to the proper specifications. We always recommend that you have the ceiling tested by a structural engineer to ensure that your ceiling can carry the appropriate working loads. Please read our Safety and Working Loads pages thoroughly. Other elements of safety include the layout of the clinic or therapy space, the implementation of a systematic equipment inspection program, proper matting, and personal protection.

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