Interactive Vibro-Acoustic Mini Crash Pit

SKU: 303115

Colour: Side 1 - Dark Green (Vinyl)
colour: Side 2 - Dark Green (Vinyl)

Enjoy the incredible feeling of floating in a sea of colour, sink down under and watch the kaleidoscope effects and experience the magic.

The Interactive Vibro-Acoustic Mini Crash Pit can be used with any of our Interactive switches (Super Switch / Power Cube) to allow the user full control over the lighting effect they will to be immersed in. It also includes a powerful bass shaking speaker.

The unique design of our mini Crash pit gives a sturdy, yet flexible option for a Crash/ball pit, as it does not contain any wood or steel substructure. The lighting system is contained in an internal floor mat with commercial grade lights to give the Crash Pit a full wash of colour.

Dive into an immersive sensory experience with the Interactive Vibro-Acoustic Mini Crash Pit from Southpaw UK, designed to offer not just fun but multifaceted sensory therapeutic benefits. Perfect for individuals seeking sensory stimulation or therapeutic relief, this innovative tool enhances cognitive and physical development in a playful, engaging environment.

Sensory Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Visual Stimulation: The integrated lighting system provides a vibrant display of colours, promoting visual tracking and colour recognition skills. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with visual processing disorders, helping to enhance focus and attention.
  • Tactile Stimulation: As users interact with the soft surfaces and optional ball fillers, they experience varied tactile sensations. This stimulation is crucial for sensory processing and can help decrease tactile defensiveness.
  • Proprioceptive Input: The act of moving within the crash pit provides essential proprioceptive feedback, improving body awareness and coordination. This input is vital for individuals with sensory processing challenges, aiding in self-regulation and motor skills development.
  • Auditory Feedback: With the option to integrate Southpaw UK’s interactive switches, users can control the auditory output, including music and vibrational sounds, facilitating auditory processing and integration. This element adds a layer of interaction that can be calming or stimulating, based on the user’s needs.
  • Vibro-acoustic Therapy: The powerful bass speaker generates deep vibrations that resonate through the body, providing a soothing effect that can reduce anxiety, stimulate alertness, and improve spatial awareness. This type of sensory input is especially beneficial for users with attention deficits or hyperactivity.

Alternative Option:

For those seeking enhanced vibro-acoustic feedback, consider the Vibro-acoustic version of our Crash Pit. This alternative includes all the benefits of the Mini Crash Pit but with an increased focus on the therapeutic effects of vibration and sound, making it ideal for users who benefit significantly from these types of sensory input.

Customization and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The interior of the crash pit measures 114 x 114 cm, with the outer dimensions extending to 135 x 135 cm. Each wall is fabricated to precision at measurements 124 x 610 x 10cm, ensuring a secure and immersive environment.
  • Colour Options: Available in a broad spectrum of colours to create a therapeutic space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Tailor the Mini Crash Pit to either blend seamlessly into your sensory room or stand out as a vibrant centrepiece.
  • Safe and Flexible Design: Crafted with top-tier materials and designed without hard substructures, our Mini Crash Pit ensures maximum safety and durability for everyday use.

Both the Interactive Vibro Mini Crash Pit and its Vibro-acoustic counterpart are made to order by Southpaw UK, reflecting our commitment to quality and customization to fit the specific therapeutic needs and preferences of each user.

Enhance your sensory environment with Southpaw UK’s Mini Crash Pits, where safety meets sensory exploration for a transformative therapeutic experience.

Dimensions: 114 x 114cm (Inside); 135 x 135cm (Outside); 124 x 610 x 10cm (Each wall). Supplied in White as standard, though it can be supplied in a wide range of colours as desired. Balls sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Item is made to order and subject to longer lead times

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