Interactive Bubble Tube Rover


Eligible for VAT relief

The Bubble Tube Rover is our most powerful, adaptive and complete mobile Multi-Sensory Environment available. It comes complete with connections for 4 vibro-acoustic products for simultaneous use. The external speakers and the ability to connect your iPod/iPad/MP3 to the radio allows for greater control by the facilitator to provide vibration and music to the user. The Interactive model comes with a Super Switch as standard and can be adapted for use with any population, regardless of their abilities and needs.

The Relaxation Bubble Rover automatically rotates through the colours, has 4 vibro-acoustic connections, but does not include interactive switch capabilities.

Both models come with 1 x Solar 100 LED Projector, 1 x Wheel Rotator and 3 x Effect Wheels as standard.

Rover is also available in bacteria-resistant composite material.

Dimensions: 55 x 145 x 100cm

Also available:
Southpaw's high-powered Bubble Tube Pump (901145) allows you to fill and drain your bubble tube from the top at a fraction of the speed, instead of using the drain hose supplied at the base.

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