In-FUN-ity™ - Climbing System Expansion Kits

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IN-FUN-ITY™ Expansions:

Southpaw’s In-FUN-ity Climbing System can go into any clinic or classroom and is expandable to any size.

Climbing enhances body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight, combined with gravity, provides additional proprioceptive feedback to his joints, helping the child coordinate their movements while working toward increasingly complex motor planning events. Arm and leg coordination (bilateral coordination) is enhanced as they climbs up the ladder or rock wall and across the monkey bars, propels the scooter board or pull themselves up the scooter board ramp.

You will need to start by purchasing the Wall Ladder which is the start of the In-FUN-ity™ system and needs to be attached to a suitable , load bearing wall.  From there you can add on additional In-FUN-ity™ equipment to create your own obstacle course. 

Climbing Enhancements and Expansion Kits

Check out the main In-FUN-ity product page for some of the essential attachments to the Wall Ladder. The following are further Expansion Kits we offer:

Expansion Kit (Figure 5) Attaches to the : Wall Ladder.
Consists of a 122cm overhead jungle gym and a freestanding ladder support end. The ladder support end is compatible with the Wall Ladder and can support both the In-FUN-ity Climbing Wall and ramp. Multiple In-FUN-ity Expansion Kits can be added at a 90-degree angle with the Expansion Kit Right Angle Connector. Assembles in minutes. Weight: 20kg Dimensions: 125cm L x 80cm W x 2.1M H

Jungle Gym Extender (Figure 6) Attaches to : Expansion Kit.
Adds to an Expansion Kit to make the unit 244cm or add two to make the unit 366cm. This can double or triple the challenge for any child or adult, and can be added individually at any time. Weight: 10kg Dimensions: 125 x 80cm Working Load: 113kg

Climbing Net Attaches to: Jungle Gym or Expansion Kit.
Attaches easily to the Jungle Gym of the Expansion Kit or to the 122cm Jungle Gym Extender (152014). The 114 x 183cm net is made of flat and tubular nylon webbing and has side release buckles. Your clients receive additional proprioceptive input and body strengthening because the net sways slightly as the children climb. Weight: 0.7kg Dimensions: 115 x 185cm Working Load: 115kg

In-FUN-ity Rope (Figure 3) Attaches to: Wall Ladder.
Simple, highly effective and versatile tool that challenges clients with many bilateral activities. Each rope has a built in loop for easy attachment to the wood rung. Weight: 1.5kg Dimensions: 2cm dia. x 30cm

In-FUN-ity Hook-on-Ladder
Hooks onto the side of the Expansion Kit.

Steamroller Expansion Kit
The Steamroller Ramp is a hit in any facility, it offers your clients sensory stimulation, heavy work, bilateral coordination and motor planning all in one.  The ramp can be attached to it's stand-alone platform or to Southpaw's In-FUN-ity system, and can be placed at varying heights to increase the challenge.

The Steamroller Expansion Kit can be attached to your In-FUN-ity system with the addition of the Steamroller Expansion Kit. This Expansion Kit Ladder has only five rungs, allowing an upper opening where the therapist can stand and supervise the action. Eliminating the higher rungs also eliminates the possibility of placing the steamroller too high for safety. Steamroller Ramp sold separately. Weight: 3.4kg Dimensions: 125cm L x 80cm W x 2.1M H Working load: 115kg

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