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Happy Senso Artist Gel

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The Artist Gel is a great addition to any messy play table or an Occupational and/or Speech and Language Therapist's toolbox to aide proprioceptive awareness and engagement.

The artist gel has all the characteristics of our popular sensory gel, with the added benefit of colour. The different colours can be used for various creative activities, we recommend spraying the gel onto a whiteboard, from there pictures can be drawn and colours can be mixed to create new colours.

Use under competent Adult supervision only. Please follow use and disposal instructions on the container.

Sold in Singles or Mixed Set of 4.
300ml per can.

SWEETNESS has a sweet scent and is coloured Red/Pink.
TROPICAL has a scent that reminds you of tropical holidays and is coloured Yellow.
NEUTRAL does not have any scent and is Blue in colour.
MINT FRESH has a zingy minty fresh scent and is coloured Blue
(Currently sold out of Mint Fresh, awaiting possible restock, please check back later). 

Happy Senso Artist Gel is a sensory product designed for creative expression and sensory play. It can be used for a variety of sensory activities that promote exploration, self-expression, and relaxation. Here are some sensory uses for Happy Senso Artist Gel:

  • Tactile Sensory Play : Happy Senso Artist Gel can be used for tactile sensory play. Children can explore the different textures and consistencies of the gel using their hands, fingers, or feet.
  • Visual Sensory Stimulation : The bright and vivid colors of Happy Senso Artist Gel can provide visual sensory stimulation. Children can enjoy watching the colors mix and blend as they play with the gel.
  • Creative Expression : Happy Senso Artist Gel can be used for creative expression. Children can use the gel to create art, experiment with color mixing, and develop their fine motor skills.
  • Calming Sensory Input : Happy Senso Artist Gel can also be used for calming sensory input. The gel has a soothing texture and can be used to help children relax and calm down.
  • Aromatherapy : Happy Senso Artist Gel contains essential oils, which can provide a calming and relaxing scent. The aroma can be used for aromatherapy and sensory stimulation.

Overall, Happy Senso Artist Gel is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of sensory activities. It can provide tactile, visual, creative, calming, and aromatherapy sensory input.

PLEASE NOTE: This item can not be shipped outside of the UK.

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