Fibre Optic Spray Harness (various sizes)

SKU: 901101


Fibre Optic Spray Harnesses offer both tactile and visual stimulation. They produce a sparkling effect when paired with Light Sources, making it an exciting addition to any sensory integration setup.

The Fibre Optic Spray Harness is composed of polymer strands in a plastic sleeve, designed to be durable and highly resistant to stretching or chewing. Available in various strand numbers and lengths, you can customise your harness to fit your specific needs.

The Fibre Optic Spray Harness is easy to use and provides a unique sensory experience for clients of all ages. Simply attach the harness to a compatible light source (sold separately) and watch as the polymer strands produce a sparkling, visually stunning effect.

The harness also provides tactile stimulation as clients touch and manipulate the strands, helping to improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Whether you are a therapist, teacher, or parent, the Fibre Optic Spray Harness is an excellent tool to help your clients engage in a fun and interactive sensory experience.

The Fibre Optic Spray Harness is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including sensory rooms, therapy clinics, and classrooms. It is a great way to encourage exploration and creativity while providing a calming and relaxing environment.

Order your Fibre Optic Spray Harness and watch as your clients discover a new and exciting way to engage with their senses.

(Light source sold separately)

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