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Suitable for Occupational Therapy clinics, schools and at home. The Ergo Kids Chair - Empowering Active Sitting and Sensory Integration

Awaken Your Body with the Ergo Chair – Experience the benefits of Active Sitting

The Ergo Chair is more than just a seating solution. It's a dynamic experience designed to awaken your body, engage your mind, and enhance your overall well-being. With its joyful contemporary design and the benefits of active sitting, the ErgoErgo Chair is a game-changer.

Winner of Multiple Prestigious Awards:

  • The Academics Choice Mindspring Award
  • The Good Design Award
  • The Edison and Parents' Picks Awards
  • 2018 PUPN Dean's List Award
  • 2019 National Parenting Product Award

Active Sitting for Strength and Flexibility:

  • Based on the principle of an exercise ball, the revolutionary ErgoErgo allows your body to rock gently, building core strength and flexibility.
  • Doctors agree that we should strengthen, not "support" our bodies. On the ErgoErgo Chair, your core muscles are engaged, your spine achieves its natural curve, and your pelvis gently moves.
  • The ergonomic design encourages a more natural sitting posture, promoting better circulation, improved breathing, and a supple spine.

Mind-Body Connection and Enhanced Learning:

  • Movement and learning are intricately connected. When you engage in active sitting, you send oxygen to your brain, resulting in improved concentration and learning abilities.
  • Constant micro-movements while sitting on the ErgoErgo Chair keep your body and mind alert, aware, and awake.
  • Studies show that active sitting enhances learning and behaviour in students of all ages, including special-needs students. Experience the positive impact on posture, concentration, participation, and behaviour.

For Every Body and Every Environment:

  • ErgoErgo is made of UV-stable recyclable technopolymer, ensuring durability and sustainability. It can be used indoors and outdoors, making it versatile for any setting.
  • With three different sizes available, ErgoErgo caters to individuals of all ages and sizes. From children aged 4 to adults, everyone can benefit from its ergonomic design and active sitting experience.
  • Whether in schools, workplaces, or personal spaces, ErgoErgo adds a chic pop of colour and energy to any environment. Express your individuality and creativity with the bold contemporary design.

The ErgoErgo Chair is a high-quality, durable, and user-friendly sensory integration tool designed with the expertise of occupational therapists and sensory integration experts. As a leading Multi Sensory Environments designer and Sensory Integration product manufacturer, Southpaw brings you this innovative chair to support children in "working the wiggles out" effectively.

Key Features:

  • Active Sitting: The ErgoErgo Chair allows the body to rock gently, promoting active sitting that engages core muscles and enhances flexibility. This unique feature not only strengthens the core and back, but also offers therapeutic benefits such as decreased hyperactivity, improved concentration, and enhanced behaviour.

  • Versatile Use: Whether in OT clinics, schools, or at home, the ErgoErgo Chair is a budget-friendly sensory integration tool suitable for children of all ages. It provides a dynamic seating option that can be utilised for various activities, promoting a healthier and more engaged sitting experience.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Occupational Therapy Benefits: The ErgoErgo Chair has been designed with the input of occupational therapists, offering therapeutic advantages for children. It's active sitting promotes core strength, flexibility, and good posture, aiding in sensory integration and improving body awareness.

  • School Integration: In schools, the ErgoErgo Chair supports concentration and active learning. By providing an outlet for excess energy, it helps decrease hyperactivity and encourages better focus, leading to improved academic performance and behaviour. Explore school sensory room ideas and sensory equipment ideas for enhanced learning environments.

  • Healthcare Facilities and Home Use: This versatile chair is also ideal for healthcare facilities and home environments. It can be used in therapy sessions, sensory rooms, or as a comfortable seating option for relaxation and leisure activities. Discover sensory therapeutic resources and multi sensory environment ideas to create calming and stimulating spaces.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 38 x 35 x 35cm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Available Colour: Orange
  • KidsErgo is perfect for children from 4 – 9 years old.
  • Maximum weight load 170lbs

Commitment to Sensory Solutions:

Southpaw is committed to providing high-quality sensory products, special needs equipment, and sensory toys that enhance the lives of individuals of all ages. Browse our website for a wide range of UK sensory toys, sensory room ideas, and more. Discover the possibilities of active seating and sensory integration with the ErgoErgo Chair. Trust Southpaw's expertise and dedication to create a supportive environment for growth, development, and well-being.

Unlock the potential of active sitting and sensory integration with the ErgoErgo Chair. Explore our collection and find the perfect sensory solutions for your needs. Trust Southpaw, the leader in sensory products and special needs equipment, to enhance sensory experiences and support holistic development.

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