Crash Pit Steps

SKU: 4440

Colour: Top - Yellow (Vinyl)
colour: Sides - Dark Green (Vinyl)

Southpaw Crash Pit Steps: Enhancing Accessibility and Fun

Introducing the Southpaw Crash Pit Steps, a purposeful enhancement designed to boost the accessibility and versatility of our Crash Pits. These steps are not just an accessory; they are a gateway to inclusive play and development, enabling all clients to participate actively and safely.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Versatility: The Steps allow easier access to our Crash Pits, making them more user-friendly for a diverse range of clients.
  • Developmental Benefits: Ideal for promoting motor planning, enhancing gross motor skills, and fostering social interactions through play.
  • Vibrant Colour Options: Available in eye-catching Midnight Blue and vibrant Yellow to complement your sensory space. (Colours may vary unless specified.)
  • Dimensions and Weight: Measuring 76 cm L x 74 cm W x 61 cm H and weighing 5 kg, these steps are robust yet manageable.

Please Note: Each set of Steps is made to order, ensuring that you receive a product tailored to your needs. Expect longer lead times to accommodate custom craftsmanship.

Elevate your sensory environment with Southpaw’s Crash Pit Steps, designed to provide endless hours of fun and developmental growth for your clients.

To improve accessibility to our crash pits, we have added the option of our Steps.
This makes our Crash Pit more versatile and will provide your clients hours of fun as they develop motor planning, gross motor skills and social interaction.

Weight: 5kg Dimensions: 76 x 74 x 61cm

Colour options available:

Light Orange
Dark Blue
Sky Blue
Light Ice Blue
Light Green
Mid Green
Dark Green
Mid Blue

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