Crash Pit - Ball Pool

SKU: 451400

Colour: Side 1 - Orange (Vinyl)
colour: Side 2 - Dark Green (Vinyl)

Southpaw UK's Custom-Made Crash Pit: A Tailored Sensory Delight

Whether it's filled with soft play balls or a Cloud Nine, our Crash Pit is fun and
inviting. It's a perfect landing spot for the children who crave the crash-and-burn
input. Or add a weighted blanket and create a calming quiet space. Either way,
it's a perfect fit for your clinic or basement playroom.

Southpaw UK presents the ultimate sensory integration solution with our custom-made Ball Pool, designed specifically to meet both therapeutic and recreational needs. Constructed internally with a robust wooden structure, the entire pool is thoughtfully cushioned and encased in durable, 'reinforced' PVC fabric, ensuring safety and comfort for all ages. This exceptional build quality allows even adults to comfortably sit or walk on the edges without any risk of balls leaking or structural compromise at the joints.

Key Features:

  • Made-to-Order Flexibility: Each ball pool can be crafted to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your available space.
  • Diverse Colour Options: Available in a variety of colours to suit any mood or setting.
  • Adult-Safe Construction: Strong enough to support all adults and children, making it versatile for all users.
  • Customizable Dimensions: While we offer a standard size, bespoke dimensions can be accommodated to maximize your space.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Sensory Stimulation: Provides proprioceptive and tactile feedback, essential for sensory integration therapy.
  • Motor Skills Development: Encourages gross motor skills through crawling, climbing, and balancing within a safe environment.
  • Stress Relief: The sensory experience of the ball pool can significantly decrease anxiety, promoting relaxation.
  • Social Interaction: A fantastic tool for encouraging social interaction in a fun, engaging setting.

Ideal for use in various settings such as schools, therapeutic practices, and home sensory rooms, Southpaw UK’s Ball Pool offers not only a safe and stimulating environment but also a customizable piece that can be tailored to fit any special needs facility.

Explore our other sensory integration solutions to create a comprehensive sensory environment that fosters development, learning, and relaxation.

Standard Dimensions: 214 x 214 x 61cm.

(Balls and Cloud Nine sold separately).

Optional extras:
Balls sold separately (3,500 balls are required) (900992 or 551500)
Giant Cloud Nine (1459)
Dust Cover available (151430)

PLEASE NOTE: Item is made to order and subject to longer lead times

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