C-Stand Suspension Frame

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Our easy-to-assemble, freestanding C-Stand frame has a flat, padded base that provides a stable, strong support platform without frame legs to interfere with treatment. We have simplified the height adjustment by adding a C-stand exclusive height adjustment strap, which also eliminates metal-to-metal contact and wear. Additionally, the upright portion of the kit is a two-piece unit, which makes moving and assembly easier.
The C-Stand comes complete with an Integrated Rotational Device, Height Adjusting Strap, Base and Bump Mats. Setup time is approximately 2 hours. The kit includes everything you need to start using your therapeutic equipment. Just unpack and assemble. The C-Stand when assembled will give a usable suspension height of 2m, please check the height of the swing to be used to ensure compatibility.
Please refer to the Product Instructions for additional information regarding installation and spacial requirements.

Weight: 275kg Dimensions:158 dia x 158 W x 238cm H Working load:135kg (Active); 225kg (Passive)

Minimum space required: 8 feet
The C-Stand requires a clearance of one foot to the rear of the structure, and three feet of clearance on the sides and to the front.

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