Body Sox - Sensory Body Sock

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Introducing Body Sox by Southpaw, the perfect tool to promote body awareness and creative movement in clients of all ages. The Body Sox is a versatile tool that reinforces spatial awareness and interaction, helping clients to explore the three-dimensional space they occupy.

With Body Sox, clients can move over, under, around, through, on, off, up, down, in and out, discovering how to transform space while developing balance and coordination skills. The Body Sox provides a unique and fun way to encourage movement exploration and sensory integration, helping clients to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

The Body Sox is designed to fit like a pillowcase, with a four-way LYCRA construction that stretches in all directions. The reinforced hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit, allowing clients to move freely without worrying about the Body Sox slipping off.

Made with a see-through material, clients can see the shapes they create as they move around, allowing for even more exploration and creativity. The Body Sox is also great for group activities, as clients can work together to create new shapes and movements.

Whether you are a therapist, teacher, or parent, the Body Sox is an excellent tool to help your clients or children develop their body awareness and creative movement skills. Order your Body Sox today and watch as your clients explore and discover their own unique movement possibilities.

Available in 3 sizes.
Colours may vary.

Medium: 70 x 120cm H
Large: 70 x 140cm H
Extra Large: 70 x 160cm H

Weight: 0.4kg

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