Bean Slab

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Colour: Aqua (Fabric)

Southpaw Bean Slab - Sensory Bean Bags - Choose your Size and Colour.

Are you seeking a truly immersive and comforting sensory experience for yourself or your clients in schools, clinics, or hospitals? Look no further than our Southpaw Bean Slab Sensory Bean Bag, designed to cater to your unique needs.

The Southpaw Bean Slab Sensory Bean Bag offers a remarkable alternative to traditional foam cushions. What sets it apart is its exceptional ability to adjust and conform perfectly to your body posture, providing a snug and cozy embrace. Crafted from soft-textured, incredibly durable polyurethane-coated fabric, this bean bag delights your senses with its soothing touch. Plus, it boasts impressive features like waterproof, breathable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and fire retardant properties, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Choose from two convenient sizes: Large or Medium

The larger size is generously spacious, allowing adults to comfortably stretch out or accommodate small children for play and relaxation.

The smaller size provides ample room for an adult to sit comfortably or for a larger child to lounge blissfully, making it an ideal spot for storytelling or focused activities.

Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the Southpaw Bean Slab Sensory Bean Bag:

Enhance comfort and posture by providing exceptional body support and pressure distribution.
Promote sensory awareness and integration through exposure to various tactile inputs.
Create a serene and calming atmosphere, enhancing mood and overall well-being.
Reduce stress and anxiety by encouraging relaxation and enjoyment.
Improve focus and attention with a distraction-free and comfortable seating option.
Offer consistent access to beneficial sensory activities, particularly for individuals with sensory integration needs.
Establish a multi-sensory environment at home, in clinics, hospitals, or schools to extend the benefits of therapy.
Maintaining the Southpaw Bean Slab is a breeze. It features a fire retardant calico inner bag to contain the beads, allowing for easy removal and cleaning of the outer cover without any spills.

Discover the finest sensory integration bean bag in the UK with Southpaw. Whether you desire a chair bean bag, a large bean bag, a large bean bag chair, or a giant bean bag, our diverse selection has you covered. Explore our website now and elevate your sensory environment to new heights!

Large - 180 x 120 x 12cm (Perfect for adults to lounge comfortably)
Medium - 120 x 90 x 10cm (Ideal for adults to sit or larger children to relax)

Colour options available:
Aqua, Red, Blue, Black, Brown, Lime, Orange, Pink, Mulberry, White, or Yellow

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