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Colour: Aqua (Fabric)

Introducing the Southpaw Bean Disc Bean Bag, a versatile and comforting sensory solution designed to adapt to your body posture, providing a cozy and relaxing experience for individuals in schools, clinics, or hospitals. Unlike standard foam cushions, this remarkable bean bag offers the unique advantage of being easily adjustable and moldable, enveloping you in a snug embrace.

Crafted from a remarkably soft and durable polyurethane-coated fabric, this Bean Disc Bean Bag boasts exceptional qualities, including waterproof, breathable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, phthalate-free, and fire-retardant features, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Available in two sizes, the Giant and Large, this bean bag caters to various needs. The larger version readily accommodates different postures and is ideal for children to play on or for adults to relax. Moreover, when not in use, they can be conveniently stacked or stored away.

The therapeutic advantages of the Bean Disc Bean Bag are manifold:

1. It enhances comfort and posture by providing customised support and pressure to the body.
2. It fosters sensory awareness and integration by offering diverse sensory inputs.
3. It creates a soothing and calming atmosphere, promoting improved mood and well-being.
4. It aids in stress reduction and anxiety relief by inducing relaxation and enjoyment.
5. It facilitates enhanced attention and focus with its distraction-free seating.
6. It proves valuable for individuals requiring consistent sensory activities during therapy sessions.
7. It facilitates the creation of a multi-sensory environment in various settings, extending the benefits of occupational therapy.

Maintaining this UK Bean Bag is hassle-free with its fire-retardant calico inner bag that securely contains the beads, enabling easy removal and cleaning of the outer cover.

The Southpaw Bean Disc Bean Bag stands out as one of the top choices in the UK for sensory integration. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a valuable asset for improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether you seek a bean bag chair, large bean bag, or giant bean bag, we offer a variety of options to suit your requirements. Experience the transformative impact of our bean bags on your sensory environment by placing your order today.

- Giant: 120cm diameter x 24cm thick
- Large: 80cm diameter x 24cm thick

Colour options available:
Aqua, Red, Blue, Black, Brown, Lime, Orange, Pink, Mulberry, White, or Yellow

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