Bean Bag Chair

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Colour: Black (Bean Bag)

Explore the Vibrant World of Southpaw Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

Step into a vivid sensory experience with Southpaw's outdoor Bean Bag Chairs.
As a renowned provider of high-quality sensory and special needs equipment, Southpaw brings to you these luxurious and durable bean bag chairs, a popular choice for sensory rooms by sensory experts. An ideal bean bag for sensory rooms in schools and therapeutic settings. These chairs are not only comfortable but also enhance sensory engagement.

Key Features:

  • Colourful Choices: Available in an array of bright colours, these Bean Bag Chairs add a lively dimension to any outdoor space, encouraging sensory interaction.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from robust waterproof polyester fabric, they're built to endure the outdoors, promising durability and sustained use.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Made in the UK, these Bean Bag Chairs feature double-stitched seams and zippers, ensuring both safety and longevity.
  • Adaptive Comfort: Designed to provide adaptable support, they offer exceptional comfort for users of all ages.
  • Variety of Sizes: Catering to different needs, our range includes sizes from mini bean bags for younger children to larger ones for adults.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Sensory Engagement: The vivid colours and tactile nature of the Bean Bag Chairs stimulate sensory exploration, enhancing sensory experiences.
  • Aid in Sensory Integration: These chairs are perfect for sensory rooms or multisensory environments, supporting sensory integration therapy by offering a cozy, supportive seating alternative.
  • Relaxation and Ease: The bean bag's soft, mouldable structure promotes relaxation, offering a snug retreat for users to relax and feel at ease.
  • Inclusive Design: By providing comfortable seating for all, these Bean Bag Chairs help create inclusive spaces in educational and therapeutic settings.

We offer the chair in 3 sizes to fit children through to adults.:

  • Mini B Outdoor Bean Cushions: Perfect for children of all ages to relax on. Size: 74cm H x 74cm W x 71cm D, Weight: 3.0kg.
  • Mighty B Outdoor Bean Cushions: Ideal for older children and adults. Size: 94cm H x 99cm W x 80cm D, Weight: 5.0kg.
  • Monster B Outdoor Bean Cushions: Spacious enough for one or two adults. Size: 116cm W x 94cm H x 80cm D, Weight: 6.5kg.

Bean Bag Chairs have always been an important positioning and relaxation item for children and adults with sensory integration needs. But, all Bean Bag Chairs are not the same. Our Chairs are covered in durable, water resistant fabric, it can be wiped clean with diluted bleach ensuring it is kept germ free.

It also comes with a concealed dual zipping function to avoid bean spillage. The Bean Bags are filled with modified irregularly shaped polystyrene beads that help the Chair to retain its shape.

Deep pressure input : Bean bag chairs can provide deep pressure input to the body, which can help to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with sensory processing difficulties.

Proprioceptive input : Bean bag chairs can also provide proprioceptive input, which is the sensation of pressure and movement in the joints and muscles. This can help individuals to better understand where their body is in space and improve their overall body awareness.

Tactile input : The soft and squishy texture of a bean bag chair can provide tactile input to the skin, which can be soothing and calming for individuals with tactile sensitivities.

Vestibular input : Sitting in a bean bag chair can also provide vestibular input, which is the sensation of movement and balance. This can help individuals to improve their balance and coordination.

Comfort : Lastly, the comfortable and cosy nature of a bean bag chair can provide a sense of security and comfort, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who experience anxiety or stress.

Dive into Southpaw's extensive collection of sensory products and special needs equipment. Embrace the journey of sensory exploration and create enriching, inclusive environments with our outdoor Bean Bag Chairs.

Colours available are:
Black, Aqua, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Berry

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