Advantage Line Platform Swing + Infant Kit

SKU: 421820

Eligible for VAT relief

The Advantage Line Infant Adaptation Kit creates a soft, enclosed space on our Platform Swing for infants and small clients with extreme gravitational insecurity. The soft-sided surface attaches to all Southpaw Platform Swings and Advantage Line Platform Swings. It can be used to create a small cocoon space for the swing. And, for some extra fun, it can even turn the swing into a moving ball pit.

PLEASE NOTE: The Advantage Line Infant Adaptation Kit provides a measure of security for an infant or small child on a platform swing, but is not to be considered a safety device. Proper spotting techniques, protective equipment and matting should still be used.

Weight: 11.5kg

Dimensions: 78 L x 78 W x 150cm H

Working load: 135kg

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