A-Swing Platform Swing

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This Swing is to work with the A-Swing Frame, perfect for the itinerant therapist working with Children in their homes or the community. 

The A-Swing Frame has been designed to facilitate sensory integration therapy for paediatric clients that are served within their home or in community settings. It is easy to carry and stow in most vehicles. A-Swing Platform Swing sold separately.

The following swings are the only swings that are compatible with the A-Swing Frame:

PLEASE NOTE: The A-Swing Frame is intended as a temporary alternative for passive therapies where a permanent eyebolt installation is not possible. It is not intended to substitute for a permanent ceiling installation. When treating clients who require more intensive movements on a daily basis, a more supportive suspension unit should be used.

Dimensions: 152 L x 152 W x 152cm H (Frame)
Base Area: 1.5 x 1.5m (Frame)
Working Load: 135kg
Weight: 2kg (Frame)

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