2-In-1 Frog Swing

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Two great swings in one! Our awesome Frog Swing comes with a Trapeze bar at the top to allow clients a handlebar to hold onto, but then with a few clicks, change the activity into a Trapeze swing task.

This piece of equipment offers great proprioceptive stimulation and vertical movement with the Frog Swing; and upper extremity strengthening, motor planning and core strengthening with the Trapeze swing.

You can easily increase the working load to by simply adding more loops, however we do not recommend that you use more than four double loops at a time on your Frog Swing.

PLEASE NOTE: The Vertical Stimulation Device (VSD) loops (depending upon the intensity, frequency and duration of use) will wear quicker than the Frog Swing. Therefore, while the Frog Swing is covered by our 2 year warranty, we can only provide a warranty on the Vertical Stimulation Device (VSD) loops for 6 months.

Weight: 2.3kg Dimensions:75cm Trapeze Bar x 140cm H Working load: 55kg (up to 70kg with add. VSD)

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