Sensory Equipment for Occupational Therapists on the go

Six top sensory equipment picks for Occupational Therapists on the go

As an Occupational Therapist (OT) on the go, you’ll be wanting tools at your disposal that are going to have a real impact on the children you support to help them improve their motor skills and motor planning. From bubble machine tubes to sensory tents, we help children gain confidence through a range of products.

We want to eliminate traumatising therapy experiences, because we believe that therapy should leave both you, and the child you’re supporting, feeling euphoric from accomplishing something that day. This is why Southpaw only provides the highest quality and safest therapy equipment available on the market.

Our products range in size and price and all have their unique benefits, with personal tried and tested reviews.

Mike Brooke, our National Sale Manager here at Southpaw, shares these incredible personal stories here as he leads us through the top six sensory equipment picks that might suit you.

We hope you find it useful:

Sensory Tactile Kit

Sometimes the smallest thing can indeed make the biggest difference. As you know, these sensory packs are both essential and easy to take along with you.  

There are many reasons why a child benefits from occupational therapy, whether the disabilities or health conditions are linked to birth or a traumatic injury. One of the limits can be a lack of fine motor skills which can lead a child to lose the understanding of feeling in their fingers.

Using the sensory tactile kit along with the guidance of a trained occupational therapist, we have seen how a young boy who’d had a traumatic injury began to rediscover these skills; and found he could once again make himself a drink. A real world benefit from our products which makes me proud to work for Southpaw.

Something as small as using this sensory kit can make such a difference. This kit includes:

  • 7cm and 9cm Sensory ball
  • Tactile massage ring and roll
  • Grab-N-Ball
  • a Mini Massager
  • Small Tangle
  • Easy-Catch Ball

Itinerant support frame and itinerant platform swing &


At the very other end of the size scale, we know that the travelling OT needs to be prepared for rehabilitating gross motor skills too. Our Itinerant Platform Swing is designed to fit our Itinerant Support Frame, both of which are lightweight and compact for carrying and storing in the car.     

Repetition is key when it comes to Sensory Integration (SI), and as a trained OT you’ll love the impact of how this swing can offer a variety of uses for vestibular input, postural control and balance.

We used this product when working with a small group of people with early symptoms of relaxing remitting multiple sclerosis. Due to their limited mobility and fatigue, it took three people to help them into the room and we all helped to lower them onto the swing. After 20 minutes of working with an SI trained occupational therapist, and benefiting from the vestibular motion of the swing, they were able to stand up and walk out the room unaided.

 I was absolutely blown away by this. I asked how long the positive impact of the swing would last and I was told up to two hours. 

Weight and resistance kit


Creating products that are fun, while functional, is something we love to do - this weight and resistance kit helps children build up their muscles, body awareness, and strength.

There are many different settings in which a child can see a therapist, including hospital clinics, which can be an anxious experience. This weight and resistance kit is designed to both aid therapeutic use, while also acting as a calming device.

While I was at a clinic on the south coast a child came in for her session but clearly wasn't in a position to start work with the therapist. She needed to calm down a little first. The therapy team introduced this kit and although it took some time she started to calm down once she discovered the weighted dog in the kit. In fact, the dog went everywhere with her during her work with the therapist and was even part of the "games" they were playing.

It's rewarding to see the impact that even a small and easily transportable product can have. We went from a stressed-out family who came into the clinic to a child benefitting from a SI Room whilst mum and dad enjoyed a calm, peaceful and well-earned cuppa.

Dress Up Dragon


each element of the everyday task of getting dressed – fine tuning skills that are essential for life. Not only is the Dress up Dragon a learning tool, but it can also be used as a distraction device.                        

I went to a centre that cares for children who have been through traumatic abuse. The staff help children to work through the trauma of the most horrific experiences. 

Southpaw was asked to create a room that would provide an environment to help the children feel comfortable to talk to their therapist. We installed an immersive interactive room with hideaways and soft interactive colours.

A big favourite in this new environment is the Dress up Dragon - he's a great distraction for the children. Whilst they focus on "playing" with the dragon the therapist is able to talk with them in a calm and peaceful manner. 

Set of Sensory Balls

Our brightly coloured sensory balls can be used to improve concentration levels. Stimulation comes from the pointy bumps on each of the five different sized balls, the versatility of which can be applied to different settings.

I've seen these used in lots of schools to improve pupils’ concentration levels. It’s common to see rather chaotic classrooms, however when these types of products are introduced it’s remarkable to witness how pupils sit at their desks and focus on their lesson whilst enjoying sensory feedback of the balls. 

Sensory stimulation is so important for many children and especially those with special needs. Managing a sensory meltdown with autism for example, can be achieved with this set.

4.5 Metre Resistance Tunnel

Finally, our last product pick is a real test of strength and resilience, while developing body awareness and motor planning. Southpaw’s Resistance Tunnel allows your client to push a therapy ball or other large object – including themselves - through the tunnel.

This product has benefitted my son during lockdown - he's mainstream but there have been times that home schooling and not seeing his friends has been too much. This has manifested itself in anger, frustration and tears.

I'm fortunate that I can call some advanced level occupational therapists. And from these conversations I had my son crawling through a resistance tunnel which literally squeezed the anger out of him. He went in one end an angry lad and popped out the other smiling and laughing. My wife was actually impressed with me!

Through providing the means to channel effort through concentration, this product is a wonderful asset to any OT’s on the go range.

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