Custom Support Structure: The solution to meeting Ayres Sensory Integration® equipment fidelity measures?

Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) is a well-established and growing area of therapeutic practice within various settings including the home, school, and community. Part of the therapy involves intervention designed to improve sensory perceptual abilities, self-regulation, motor skills, and praxis. This ultimately can lead to improved behaviours, learning, and social participation (

Classic intervention is provided in a specialised therapy room with sensory equipment that provides tactile, visual, proprioceptive and vestibular opportunities in a structured manner in collaboration with the primary caregivers, and the demand from Schools to offer this intervention is growing exponentially. 

According to the Clinician’s Guide for Implementing Ayres Sensory Integration (SCHAFF, R & MAILLOUX, Z.) there are certain measures which need to be met in order to adhere to the theory and principle developed by Dr. A. Jean Ayres.

One of the key areas of this measure is to provide the clinician with an area to use suspended/swing equipment. While ceiling suspension can offer the most cost effective solution, this matter has come sharply into focus recently with the numerous installations of unsafe reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) found in schools and various other buildings.

A Custom Support Structure, by Southpaw, offers a versatile alternative to ceiling support, accommodating a range of sensory equipment, while meeting the guidelines of the fidelity measures for ASI and aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of educational and therapeutic spaces.

Southpaw's Custom Support Structure offers numerous advantages over traditional ceiling attachments:

Versatility and Adaptability: This solid, stable free-standing structure can support a wide range of suspended equipment and comes as standard with 3 suspension points (with options to increase this), making it an ideal choice for diverse sensory learning applications in schools and classrooms.

Safety and Durability: Constructed from robust structural steel tubing and featuring hard-wearing padding on the uprights and feet, Southpaw's Custom Support Structure ensures a secure and stable foundation, even during dynamic sensory activities.

Accessibility and Convenience: Unlike permanently installed ceiling eye bolts, a Custom Support Structure can be moved or repositioned based on the special needs of the school.

It's about ensuring safety while creating enriched sensory learning experiences for students. Consider adding sensory equipment to your school or classroom and explore the possibilities of creating sensory-rich environments that promote sensory integration and inclusivity. 

Southpaw understands the importance of creating safe, functional, and effective sensory spaces for schools, clinics and the NHS. We specialise in providing Multi-Sensory and Sensory Integration therapy spaces and have a proven track record of helping schools create sensory spaces that support all students. Our design process is collaborative, and we work closely with occupational therapists, teachers, and special educational needs teams to create sensory spaces that meet every student’s needs. 

If you have any questions about our custom support structures, or if you need help creating a sensory space in your school, you can contact Southpaw by emailing or click here to book a free design consultation.

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