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Happy Senso Gel - Multi-Sensory Experience for Sensory Integration

Discover the extraordinary multi-sensory effects of Happy Senso Gel. With its dermatologically tested formula, this high-quality gel provides a nourishing and cooling sensation, akin to "popping candy" on the skin. Engage your senses as you immerse yourself in the captivating aroma, delightful sounds, invigorating touch, and vibrant visual experience that Happy Senso offers.

Designed to enhance proprioceptive awareness and engagement, Happy Senso Gel is a valuable addition to any environment. Whether it's a messy play table or an Occupational and/or Speech and Language Therapist's toolbox, this user-friendly gel unlocks a world of sensory exploration and connection. Choose from our range of four delightful scents: Mint, Tropical, Neutral, and Sweetness.

Please ensure competent Adult supervision when using Happy Senso Gel. Refer to the container for detailed instructions on use and disposal. Each can contains 300ml of this remarkable sensory integration product. Please note that shipping of this item is limited to the UK.

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Happy Senso is a gel with wonderful Multi-sensory effects. It's dermatologically tested formula gives you a nourishing and cooling effect, which feels like "popping candy" on the skin. By using this in fun and creative ways can allow you to smell, hear, feel and see it which can create wonderful moments of contact, sparkle and enthusiasm.

A great addition to any messy play table or an Occupational and/or Speech and Language Therapist's toolbox to aide proprioceptive awareness and engagement. Choose from four different scents; Mint, Tropical, Neutral & Sweetness.
Use under competent Adult supervision only. Please follow use and disposal instructions on the container. 300ml per can. PLEASE NOTE: This item can not be shipped outside of the UK.

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